Feel More Clear With An Organized Closet

If it’s something you’ve been putting off, you can start by tackling your closet first. By following these few simple tips, you can have a clean looking closet and cross it off your to-do list, once and for all.

1. Invest in matching hangers

It’s easy for your closet to look disorganized when you have mismatched hangers. Choose one type of hanger and commit to it. This not only prevents hangers from getting stuck together or ending up on the floor, but matching hangers also make your closet look neat, motivating you to keep it that way.

If your closet is full of heavy, bulky clothing like coats and jackets, you can opt for sturdy wooden hangers. Alternatively, if you own many lightweight pieces, thin velvet hangers take up less space and provide a strong grip to prevent clothes from falling. Whichever hanger style you choose, buy in bulk.

2. Clear out items that are no longer needed

Sometimes, the most challenging part of keeping a closet clean is the sheer volume of clothing inside. You likely have many items in your wardrobe that you’ll never wear again. Take some time to sort through each article of clothing. Anything that you don’t see yourself wearing in 2021 should be given away to a friend, relative, or donated.

If you live in a climate where it’s sweater weather now, then you won’t be needing any short-sleeved blouses for a while. To save space, put seasonal items in a storage bin, then swap them out with coats and sweaters in the spring.

3. Use bins or baskets

Smaller bins are excellent for storing miscellaneous accessories like scarves, hats, and belts. Larger containers are perfect for sweaters that are too thick to fit in dresser drawers but would become stretched out at the shoulders if hung on hangers. Just make sure to label or color-code your containers, so you don’t forget what is stored where.

Not only are they practical, but bins and baskets are available in many aesthetically pleasing designs as well. You can pick ones that match your bedroom décor, make a lovely decorative accent, or a choose a neutral design that enhances your closet’s new clean look.

4. Store small items on a single hanger

If you prefer to have smaller items within sight, rather than stuffing them into bins, there’s a simple and effective way to hang them. All you need is a solid, weight-bearing hanger and some shower curtain rings. Line up the shower curtain rings along the bottom of the hanger to create a handy device for hanging scarves, purses, ties, and belts. This allows all of the items to remain easily visible while taking up a fraction of the space they would occupy on separate hangers.

5. Personalize your closet

Much like clothes, closet organization is a personal preference. When deciding how to sort your clothes, consider the way your mind operates. When you’re picking out what to wear, what do you think about first: Color? Warmth? Type of garment? Level of formality? There’s no right or wrong order to display the clothing in your closet, so find the method that works best for you.

Closet organization can be a simple task that reaps big rewards. Not only will there be less clutter in your closet, but your mind will feel more clear as well!