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Daniel Feldman

Earlier this year, Daniel Feldman’s father-in-law, who was living alone in another state, suffered a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, his family and proxies, were not notified for days. When they were finally informed, they weren’t given the most pertinent details over the phone. Considering his family was out of state, they weren’t prepared to handle his care from afar and struggled to find the necessary resources to help him.

His father-in-law is now on the road to recovery. However, Daniel has since heard several stories similar to his father-in-law’s and it is what drove him to the same conclusion as David: Seniors are overwhelmed, and very often their adult children are not in a position to help. Now more than ever, seniors need a community to feel connected and share stories and resources. MyHealthAngel is just that place. Daniel envisioned it as a community committed to giving seniors access to valuable services, whether in good health or sickness.

Daniel has more than 20 years experience building digital media, Internet, and healthcare marketing businesses as an entrepreneur, consultant, and strategic planner. He is the co-founder and CEO of MyHealthAngel, and Managing Partner at Woodleigh Ventures LLC. He began marketing to the senior audience back in the early 2000’s and saw that this group had specific needs that were not being met. He quickly realized that by exercising compassion in communication, he could solve many daily issues facing seniors. This was the genesis for MyHealthAngel.

David Stein’s in-laws frequently call him asking for help with various items; home repairs, chores, finances, technology, and even scheduling ubers. He happily runs to their aid even while juggling his family responsibilities and his businesses. The pandemic has added a whole new level of stress and uncertainty for everyone. David became increasingly aware that if he was struggling with this, it would have to be even more difficult for his in-laws and their generation. Yet their life experiences make them profoundly more prepared to handle these extraordinary times. Their stories and advice have been a source of strength for him and his family.

Having spent ten years working with seniors, David realized they were a generation to be revered and building a community for them to share their stories and knowledge was more important than ever. This was the genesis of MyHealthAngel; a community where seniors can create connections and receive services to enrich their lives. After all, they’ve earned it!

Prior to his role as co-founder of MyHealthAngel, David was the President of CareFree Health Services, Inc., an accredited Medicare provider.  Under his leadership David built Carefree into one of the largest direct to consumer marketer of medical supplies to the senior community.  In 2011, he founded Direct Student Aid and served as President until it was sold in 2015.  He went on to co-found China Direct, Inc. (NasdaqGM:CDII) where he took on the role of COO. 


David Stein

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